Brean Down Walk– September 2014

On September 9th a small group of members and friends had a wonderful day exploring the historical and natural features of Brean Down, in the amazingly ideal weather conditions. Once we had slowly managed the steps to the top -about 300 feet above the car park, [several good opportunities were taken to stop and admire the view] - we had a really relaxed wander, guided by Ian our expert N.T. Ranger. Most of the photos are self explanatory, but an unexpected bonus was the view of a man creating a massive but temporary art work on the sand below. The fort is a Palmerston Folly with WW2 additions. The thing that looks like a narrow gauge railway was a [failed] WW2 experiment in launching a Bouncing Bomb from land. The concrete arrow is also a relic from WW2 and was used as a guide for trainee bomber pilots.

Many thanks to Veronica Cole for organising a fascinating event, and what a shame so few joined in, you missed a treat.

Photos by David Beach and Tim Edmonds
Report by David Beach