We have been very active in the past !
Since our foundation in 1987 we have raised over £ 170,000 in support of National Trust projects. We have particularly supported our local properties, i.e. Dunster Castle, the Holnicote Estate [including Selworthy village] and Coleridge Cottage at Nether Stowey.  We have also made significant donations to national appeals, recent examples including those for Chedworth Roman Villa, Seaton Delaval, Tyntesfield, and Castle Drogo

Here are  some of the projects we have supported recently.

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| Selworthy & Holnicote | Allerford |Castle Drogo|
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Castle Drogo
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WSNTA Ongoing work at Castle Drogo
Ongoing work at Castle Drogo
The committee recently decided to allocate some unused funds to Castle Drogo, where they are needing massive funds to weatherproof the building. We are confident that it will be spent quickly and wisely!
We are hoping to organise a trip to Castle Drogo in 2016 so we can see what they are doing with our money

In the mean time, download the Stakeholder Update document


Allerford Forge
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Thanks to a generous donation from the West Somerset National Trust Association, a project is currently underway working with the tenants at Allerford Forge to explain its history through a new visitor information board.

Tamsin Mosse, visitor services manager, said the forge attracts a lot of interest from people walking by.

“It’s a working forge and, understandably, visitors are curious to find out more. We want to address that by creating an eye catching display telling the story of the forge from its origins to the present day,” she said.
Allerford Forge
Proof designs for the Allerford Forge Interpretation Board

Coleridge Cottage
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A 'Thank You' from Coleridge Cottage to WSNTA for donating money in 2016 to allow purchase of new seating for their tearoom.
The increasingly popularity of the little catering outlet has meant the chairs (which used to belong to a church, it is believed), have been growing ever more in need of replacement. Coleridge Cottage wanted to retain the rustic look and thanks to the donation have managed to buy six which definitely fit the bill.

Geese at Coleridge Cottage

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New arrivals at Coleridge Cottage.
In March 2015 the WSNTA donated the funds for the wire animals to replace the existing wickerwork ones for the garden. 2 pigs and 3 geese
In 2016 two ducks were funded by WSNTA
“We have two Pigs, and Ducks and Geese. A Cow would not answer the keep: for we have whatever milk we want from T. Poole”
The ‘Prop Box’ of Georgian inspired clothing and toys for visitors and school groups to use, is now up and running. At the moment it contains hats for girls and boys, a lace parasol and gloves, replica coins and wooden toys, with more items on their way. The box will be placed in the Garden Room when it is not hosting exhibitions, and also bought out for visiting school groups. Willow class from Nether Stowey Primary School put it to the test when they visited on Friday 13 June and really enjoyed getting hands on.

Prop Box at Coleridge Cottage

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New seat at Coleridge Cottage
New seat at Coleridge Cottage
Recent improvements in the house and garden at Coleridge Cottage have included a lot of new garden features.  This shows a special bench, complete with quotations from Coleridge, and a 'sound post' which gives an appropriate commentary if activated.  It is worked from solar power.  The Association funded these new additions in 2012 and they were in place by June 2013, as part of a thorough re-presentation of the whole garden, which is now quite enchanting.

Dunster Castle
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A happy group of holidaymakers have their picnic at a new table supplied by WSNTA for the Dunster Castle Picnic Area. Two others are helping to cover the summer season at the Watermill Tearoom garden.
Picnic Table at Dunster Castle

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Dunster Watermill
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These photos show the specially commissioned staff uniforms for the millers and the shop assistants purchased with donations from WSNTA.
Very smart they look too!
You may know that WSNTA is credited with this donation on the plaque adjacent to the water wheel.
Photos by David Wood

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Picnic Table
Picnic Table for Tyntesfield
Tyntesfield now benefits [2012] from a set of picnic tables which are in position outside their new Pavilion tearoom

Selworthy & Holnicote
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In 2011 we funded a Mural of the Holnicote Estate, which was hand painted onto the wall above the old fireplace in the cottage which is now the Shop at Selworthy Green.
Mural of the Holnicote Estate
In 2012 we funded a large number of picnic chairs and tables for the Periwinkle Tearoom at Selworthy Green.
picnic chairs and tables
Picnic Chairs and Tables for Selworthy
Our latest donation to Holnicote. In December 2015 Holnicote purchased ten walkie-talkies for the Rangers and other site workers on the estate from money we donated.
WSNTA Walkie Talkie