Trip to Courts Garden &Great Chalfield Manor

Report by Ron Stirrup

15th July, 2016

WSNTA Chalfield Trip

New to Somerset - new to WSNTA - new to gardening! 3 very good reasons for going on this trip to Courts Garden and Great Chalfield Manor on Friday 15th July , a trip so very well organised and managed by Brian and Glen Heaton .

It turned into somewhat of a Magical Mystery Tour , for after a pause for coffee beneath the vines , we arrived at Courts in slight drizzle to be greeted and treated to "A Truly Extraordinary Place" to quote Paul Alexander the Head Gardener .

Strangely shaped Topiary , a series of "Rooms" each with its own distinctive feel and flavour , and so many flowers , shrubs and trees interspersed with statuary made the time spent wandering seem far too short .

Visiting anywhere is always greatly enhanced if guided around and upon reaching Great Chalfield Manor and being issued into the ancient church we were treated to a welcome talk by a man so obviously enamoured with and knowledgeable about this other Magical Place who then proceeded to show us over and around the house and increasing our enjoyment with his enthusiasm for over an hour .

Let into another surely unique Garden further improved our enjoyment with so many interesting plantings and vistas .

…“so many beautiful flowers and plants are swimming around in my head ! …”

I am not sure whether my gardening knowledge has significantly increased - so many beautiful flowers and plants are swimming around in my head ! - but this trip , my third such since moving to the area at the beginning of the year , certainly showed me some beautiful places and allowed me to meet some interesting people .

Ron Stirrup

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